Md Kamaluddin-Author & Publisher.

MD Kamaluddin-Vision & Mission of MDWIX.

Dear audiences, I, Md Kamaluddin introduce myself as an author & publisher along with my profession in engineering and technology. I am an engineering graduate passed out from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College affiliated to University of Technology under Government of West Bengal, India. I am highly interested in education & learning in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology, Business & Financial management. Every day I study several subjects and summarize the gist of my understandings in the digital port folio as MDWIX TV that is kept in open source web platform. Our vision is to establish a compact and transparent digital library for global audiences. Our mission is to inform, educate, and inspire our readers and viewer with engaging and diverse content that reflects the issues and trends that matter most. MDWIX TV offers a variety of genres such as academics, sports, health and fitness issues, arts, cultures, lifestyle, nature, environment, politics, business and economics.

      As MDWIX, We believe that digital documentaries are a powerful medium for engaging, educating and inspiring viewers and audiences, as well as for challenging dominant narratives and sparking social changes. It has already published documentaries on topics such as climate change, human rights, social justice, health, education and culture. It's another perspective is to provide space for independent digital creators, filmmakers, journalists, writers and storytellers to share their ideas and insights on the issue that matter to them and their audiences. It also publishes interviews, reviews, and articles of our collaborated authors that enrich documentaries. MDWIX journal is updated on regular interval. Our current issue is about "Awareness on Health and Fitness" It explores how do peoples can critically evaluate the health issue from these online contents.

      If anyone is interested in submitting their digital documentary to MDWIX Digital Library, please read the submission guidelines and fill the online contact form. We welcome submissions from all experience writes and authors of all background and levels of experience, as long as they meet it's quality standards and align with it's vision. It also encourages all to join it's community of digital creators and request all to subscribe the blog for current updated topics.