Digital Twin Technology and Application in Modern Thermal Power Plant.

What is Digital Twin Technology and it's applications? Modern approach for sustainable development in Thermal Power Plant. 

Digital Twin
A digital twin is a comprehensive physics based numerical model of a power plant unit that can simulate the thermodynamic performance and calculate the heat and mass balance of the plant's over all system, sub-system and major plant components, respectively, for any given operating conditions. A digital twin can also perform asset life estimates, detect behaviour anomalies and calculate thermal efficiency to ensure that the operations and maintenance processes are optimized across the power plant. A digital twin can allow cross collaboration  with other industries, which have similar dynamics as the power generation industries.

How can Digital Twin Technology help Thermal Power Plant Operation?

Twin technology can help thermal power plant operation i several ways such as:

Reducing Emission: it can help to reduce Carbon -Mono-Oxide and green house gas emission by reducing the consumption of fuel, auxiliary power, consumables and improving the efficiency of the application such as boiler, gas turbine flue gas desulfurization system, selective catalytic reduction system and air preheater. digital twin technology can also assist in better operation and maintenance of carbon capture, sequestration and utilization technologies which can further improve the sustainability quotient of thermal power plants.

Improving Performance: It can help thermal power plants improve their performance by monitoring of equipment and process optimization in real time and improving availability.

Enhancing Reliability: It can help thermal power plant to enhance their reliability by detecting and diagnosing faults in advance, preventing failures and downtime, and extending the life cycle of assets. 

Increasing flexibility: It can help thermal power plants increase their flexibility by adapting to changing market conditions, demand patterns and environmental regulations. Digital twin tech. can also enable rapid prototyping, testing and validation of new designs, technologies and strategies before implementing them in the real plant.

Conclusion: Digital twin technology is a promising tool for thermal power plant operators to improve their plant operation in terms of emissions reduction, performance  improvement, reliability enhancement, and flexibility increase. It is definitely an improvement for sustainable development of power plant industries.
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